Netflix Movies Starring Tino Struckmann

Tino Von Struckmann, formerly known as "Bodyguard -to-the-Stars", is now living the American dream. He was born in Denmark where he attended college and earned his degree in business management and History; he also studied Military history and wrote about it. He came to Los Angeles filled with enthusiasm and aspirations. He slept in his car for months while he learned the ropes of personal protection while competing in fitness and martial arts. After a few years Tino joined the ARMY and served several deployments and later finished as an instructor to the US ARMY SF in Germany, he also served as a civilian contractor internationally worked as a bodyguard and tour manager for many international artists, before returning to Los Angeles where he is now lives, by the beach and yet no longer in his car. It is interesting to note that the one thing that set off Tino's motion picture career in was the military. Read more on iMDB