Netflix Movies Starring Thorsten Nickel

Thorsten Nickel was born in Gifhorn, Germany. After school he went to the air force and completed a profession as a forwarding agent. Following this he moved to London to go to acting school but also studied Homoeopathy for several years. Thorsten trained in Karate (2nd Dan), boxing and thai- boxing and keeps himself in shape working the bags and running, kettle bells etc. After London he followed someone's advice to go to Hong Kong. Hong Kong therefore was the place where Thorsten started his career. His biggest credit so far has to be the Jackie Chan film 'Thunderbolt' which at the time was the biggest movie in Hong Kong cinema history with a US$28 mil budget and went on to be nr1 box office in the Far East. Thorsten was the Co Star and lead villain opposite Jackie (the only lead villain who didn't get killed) The film was bought by New Line Cinema and Miramax for further distribution. Read more on iMDB