Netflix Movies Starring Thomas Raft

Thomas Raft, born in 1963 in the Würzburg Germany. Thomas biological mother was from Germany and his biological father was an American mulatto pilot. Thomas was adopted to Denmark in November 1963 with his twin brother. After finishing the state school, he was educated as a Carpenter. From 1983 - 1992 he took ballet classes at Henry Turner International Dance Center of Scandinavia. In 1982 he performs in Alvin Ailey American Ballet at Denmarks Radio DR1TV. From 1988 - 1991 he went to Pineapple Dance Studios, a Modern Ballet School in London. In 1991 he started his acting career. As an actor, Thomas Raft starred in The Emmy Award winning TV-series, "Unit One" (2000). "Taxa" (1999) - Winner of the Certificate of Merit, TV Drama 60 Minutes or Less, San Francisco International Film Festival 2000. "Tulipan Nights" (1999) - FIPA 2001 competitive selection and winner of the Silver prize in The International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2000. Read more on iMDB