Netflix Movies Starring Thomas Haley

Thomas Haley has been married to the love of his life Amy for over 20 years! Thomas was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona by a single mother. His whole time growing up he was the guy who wanted to make everyone laugh, thinking up silly skits and acting them out. Thomas moved to California when he turned 19 and became a father at the age of 20. However, fatherhood would not slow down his creativeness; actually, it gave him a new audience, 3 beautiful children: Erika, William and Brooklyn. But with fatherhood came responsibility. In other words, a full-time salary. Thomas went into the environmental industry where his new audience awaited in the form of his clients. As a salesmen he had many opportunities to share stories and entertain. In 2007, there was an offer by the television network TLC to have Thomas' environmental company test as part of a reality show, Revolutionaries (on-camera, Thomas was the Environmental Inspector). Read more on iMDB