Netflix Movies Starring Tera Hendrickson

Tera Hendrickson is a multi-lingual American actress and musician of Swedish and Peruvian descent. Also an accomplished dialectician, she has used foreign languages and accents in many of her acting roles, with some characters even utilizing invented languages. In the hit television show Charmed (1998), she portrays the French witch Simone; in Hannah Montana (2006) she plays the role of Hannah's Spanish teacher; in Cory in the House (2007) she co-stars as the Queen of Bahavia, a fabricated country. She has also portrayed Italian, Portuguese, Venezuelan, British and Austrian characters in various film and television productions. After appearing in a handful of independent films, she earned the role of an aspiring singer in the film Gunshy (1998), working alongside Diane Lane and William Petersen. In the Emmy-nominated mini-series The Beach Boys: An American Family (2000), her portrayal of legendary session bass player Carol Kaye afforded her the opportunity to use her skills as a professional musician. Read more on iMDB