Netflix Movies Starring Taylor Clift

Taylor Clift, hailing from Tennessee, brings an electric and charismatic presence on screen that saw him immediately booking roles in numerous independent films upon his arrival to Los Angeles in 2012. In his short time in the city of dreams, Taylor has been booking steady work and making heavy connections - winning leading man roles without a leading man team. A self described country-boy at heart Taylor's passion for the craft means a performance that's both addictive and indelible to watch. Give him a few words or one line and Taylor steals the scene. His energy and dedication to character has translated well in both comedy and drama, which he has been continuously booking throughout this year. He's played everything from a quirky guy next door to an Adonis-like warrior. With each character he brings a little of himself - an intricate yet powerfully explosive persona, which is evident off screen as well. Read more on iMDB