Netflix Movies Starring Stephen Caffrey

Dark-haired, boyishly good-looking Stephen Caffrey was born to Irish Catholic parents on September 27, 1959, the fifth of seven children in Cleveland, Ohio. Witnessing an older brothers' performance in a school play triggered an early interest and subsequent aptitude for acting, appearing in several plays of his own at various high schools (which were located in five different states!) At the age of 17 he and his family permanently settled in Chicago. Pursuing acting after graduation, he and a close knit group of acting friends founded the Immediate Theatre in Chicago. Blessed with "pretty boy" looks, Stephen was destined for soap opera attention and found just that playing a trouble-prone rich boy (Andrew Cortlandt) on the popular soap series All My Children (1970) in the mid 80s. During his three years as a Pine Valley resident, he copped a daytime Emmy nomination in the "juvenile" category . Read more on iMDB