Netflix Movies Starring Shin'ichi Tsutsumi

Tsutsumi Shinichi is known primarily as a stage actor. It appears after Yamato nadeshiko (2000) he has gained much attention in Japan, though his performance in _"Pure" (1996)_, in 1996, garnered good attention for his sensitive portrayal of the orphaned journalist Sawatari Toru. Tsutsumi trained for the stage with the theatre project Tokyo in the early '90s after leaving the JAC where he had met his mentors, 'Hiroyuki Ada' and Tamasaburô Bandô, through whom he drew much inspiration. At the JAC, he had started out with the intent of learning how to play action roles, of which we still see much of in his wonderful film roles for the actor/director SABU, but his destiny has since unfolded to deliver more of this talented, unassuming and sincere actor through his sensitive and detailed acting style. Tsutsumi struggled to find his path in his teens, skipping school before returning to complete his high school out of a sense duty and filial piety to his mother. Read more on iMDB