Netflix Movies Starring Shawn Lecrone

Shawn Lecrone was born May 2, 1979 in Wichita, Kansas, United States of America. Shawn grew up in a divorce torn family and moved around the country well into his teenage years. Always the new kid in school, Shawn Lecrone dropped out of High School and took his GED, which he graduated in the upper 10% in the state. Lecrone attended New Mexico State University around 1998-99 and later joined the United States Navy and only served for a year before gaining a medical discharge. Years later, Lecrone returned to New Mexico State University were he graduated with honors, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List, Crimson Scholar's Honors and making the National Deans List of the top 10% of students in the country. Working as a fire fighting through college, Lecrone was hired on his first Hollywood film Transformers. Read more on iMDB