Netflix Movies Starring Sharon Acker

Although she was presented in 1969 the first Film Star of Tomorrow by The Motion Picture Exhibitors of Canada, the status of Sharon Acker as a star never materialized. Not that she was inactive, quite the opposite, but she worked almost only for TV and appeared only in a few undistinguished movie films. She will, nevertheless, remain remembered for her role as Lee Marvin's ex-wife in John Boorman's classic film noir Point Blank (1967). The victim of Marvin's rough manners, Acker/Lynne left a deep impact on male brains. Born in 1935, the Canadian-born actress started her film career in England when the play she was in, "Lucky Jim", Kingsley Amis' classic, was made into a movie. But, she was not seen in many a film, except during the sixties, either in Canada or in the U. Read more on iMDB