Netflix Movies Starring Sarah French

Sarah French is an actress and model from Minnesota. She got her start modeling when she was discovered at a metal concert, her favorite genre of music. She modeled under the name Scarlet Salem. She later had an opportunity to get into acting. Her love was always horror so naturally she gravitated towards those projects using the Scarlet Salem name. To date she has done over 30 films with titles such as Strip Club Slasher, Killer Biker Chicks, In harm's way and Terror Overload. Outside of horror she also plays a Russian assassin in the martial arts film "Opposite Blood" and a Ghostbuster in the online series Ghostbustin 911, which is a mix of Ghostbusters, Reno 911 and Cops. In addition she has been featured in many magazines like Gorezone and Girls and Corpses. She writes a scream queen column for Shock horror magazine. Read more on iMDB