Netflix Movies Starring Salvatore Ruocco

Born in Naples, Italy, Salvatore Ruocco is known for his striking, chiseled physique, carved, intense eyes and commanding presence in film and on stage. Salvatore began his career in the public eye when he was 17 years old. His love of sports took him to the world of "Boxing". He demonstrated his skill, strength and determination as an up and-coming boxer many times in the competitive ring. During a career "make or break" match, at the Regional Championships, he effortlessly unleashed his deadly right punches. The final, controversial ruling left him faced with a major career decision. In 2004, Salvatore turned his focus to the Arts and Entertainment industry, in particular: Film and Theatre. Today, with less than five years in the industry, he has worked with many important names in Italian cinema; including Matteo Garrone, Abel Ferrara, Toni Servillo, Ernesto Mahieux, Luca Lionello, Peppe Lanzetta, and many others. Read more on iMDB