Netflix Movies Starring Ryan O'donohue

Ryan was born in Pomona, California to Anita Lynne Rultenberg and Sean Patrick O'Donohue. He has acted in Community Theatre until he was 9 years old. He got interested in professional acting after his 9th birthday. He wanted his father to buy him a new Sega Genesis Video Game. His Father told him he could not afford to buy him video games more than a few per year. He told him to get a job. Ryan's response was, What can I do? He was told he could do paper routes or cut lawns as his father had done when he was his age. Ryan responded with: You need a car to deliver newspapers and illegal aliens do all the lawn cutting around Southern California. His father said that he could try acting, because we lived around Los Angeles, but that it was a long shot and don't expect anything to happen for a long time. Read more on iMDB