Netflix Movies Starring Rusty Martin

Rusty started acting in the 3rd grade when he landed the lead role in a school play. The experience sparked a passion within him to pursue acting in movies. He has always been fascinated by films and had an appreciation for the hard work that goes into making a good movie. He would watch the BTS footage before watching the film itself. He worked on many independent films learning the many aspects of making movies. He was cast as Dylan Mitchell in the 2011 independent hit film "Courageous". Rusty has a number of films coming out this year: "Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods", "Chasing Grace", "Love Covers All" and "Princess Cut". He won the Best Male Actor award at the CMM film festival in 2014 for his role as Jackson Stone in the movie "Jackson's Run" which is out on DVD. Read more on iMDB