Netflix Movies Starring Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy is best known for his work as the Director of Photography for the independent film "In Search of a Midnight Kiss." He also plays Jack-meaux, Vivian's ex-boyfriend in the film, and his band, Sybil, has a couple of songs featured on the film's soundtrack: "Discolite," "Mocha Queen," and a cover of the Scorpions' "Wind of Change." Murphy has been shooting films and making music for 17 years. After growing up in the cultural mecca of Beaumont, Texas, he attended the University of Texas where he majored in film and English. Since then he has worked on a variety of film and video projects, ranging from a stint as a production assistant on Waiting for Guffman to a gig as the cinematographer of a French rap video for Tony Parker's record label. Murphy has written and directed one feature, All Night Boogie, in which he also starred. Read more on iMDB