Netflix Movies Starring Omar Paz Trujillo

Omar Paz Trujillo was born and raised in the Española Valley located in majestic northern New Mexico. The son of a Mexican-American Mother and Indo-Hispano Father (The Trujillo Family has been in northern New Mexico since its settlement in 1598), Omar's upbringing as a small-town Latino instilled in him strong ties to his family, culture and land. Diagnosed with middle-child-syndrome at the age of 2, Omar resorted to "acting up" very early on in life, usually with entertaining results, and developed a knack and taste for performing in front of others. Omar did not train formally until he attended the University of New Mexico where he studied Film and Theatre, but his talent as an actor and singer were noticeable from the start and he was encouraged to pursue his childhood dreams by family, friends and teachers alike, and took roles in community and school productions throughout his childhood and adolescence. Read more on iMDB