Netflix Movies Starring Mirai Shida

Born in Ayase in Kanagawa Prefecture on May 10, 1993 she became a child actress beginning 1999, at first in a theatre, and has been active since. Her first television serial came in 2000. Her first movie appearance was in 2002. She is handled by the Ken-on agency. She gained prominence on NTV's 2006 serial Joo No Kyooshitsu, which was a hit in Japan. There has been a book on her, several photo books and been in a slew of commercials in addition to roles on the small and large screens including voice acting. At the 46th Television Drama Academy Awards of Japan she garnered the Best Newcomer award, one of several such wins in the ensuing years. She married in 2018, which may imply a slower pace of activities or retirement as is traditional in Japan. She had expressed the desire to marry by age 23 and when that did not happen insisted she would soon enough nonetheless. Read more on iMDB