Netflix Movies Starring Michael O'shea

His five brothers all became policemen, encouraged on by their father, but Hartford-born Irish-American Michael O'Shea defied family tradition and turned to acting. Born on March 17, 1906, Michael dropped out of school at age 12 and went the vaudeville route, touring with his boxing idol Jack Johnson's show. He tried everything. During the Prohibition years, he became a comedian and emcee at speakeasies. He put together his own dance band, "Michael O'Shea and His Stationary Gypsies", and later broke into radio. His career advanced with the legit stage, where he was billed for a time as "Eddie O'Shea". His noticeable performance in "The Eve of St. Mark" in 1942 led to a string of '40s films, notably as Barbara Stanwyck's boyfriend comic in Lady of Burlesque (1943). He also managed great reviews repeating his stage role in the film The Eve of St. Read more on iMDB