Netflix Movies Starring Michael Kidd

Lithe, diminutive and unimposing, Michael Kidd never asked a dancer to perform a step or move he himself could not do. One of Broadway's and Hollywood's most distinguished, inventive and gifted choreographers, it was not uncommon to remember his expert dance sequences above all else. After all, who can forget the rousing barnstorming dance in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954), or Fred Astaire's and Cyd Charisse's romantic glide through Central Park to the musical caress of "Dancing in the Dark" in The Band Wagon (1953), or the waiters' high-flying acrobatics during the Harmonia Gardens sequence in Hello, Dolly! (1969)? It is what made these films a cut above the rest. These three highlights should alone keep Kidd's name indelible in the Hollywood film annals for decades and decades to come. He was born Milton Greenwald in Brooklyn on August 12, 1915 (sources indicating 1919 are incorrect). Read more on iMDB