Netflix Movies Starring Maryse Mizanin

When the heads of the World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) industry began a search for the sport's next "Diva" in 2006, they did not know what they had in store for them. Scouring the United States with camera crews in tow, the WWE set out with the Diva Search competition. Out of 20,000 girls they didn't anticipate a beautiful, French speaking, fashion model to quickly become the sport's femme fatale, earning almost instantaneous one-name fame usually reserved for pop singers. Nobody saw Maryse coming but she's definitely here. Maryse Ouellet was born January 21st in Montreal, Canada to a well known master chef and a compassionate nurse, but something in her genes destined her to become the planet's toughest beauty. Growing up a tomboy in the province of Quebec, Maryse often competed and played with the boys. Read more on iMDB