Netflix Movies Starring Mary Chieffo

The statuesque 6 foot tall daughter of successful character actors Beth Grant and Michael Chieffo, Mary Chieffo has possessed an innate desire to perform ever since she can remember. Grant loves to tell the story of her daughter's "acting debut" at age three when she played a "sleeping girl" in Making Sandwiches (1998), a short film directed by Sandra Bullock, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. A 2015 BFA graduate in Group 44 of The Juilliard School's Drama Division, Chieffo is the first legacy in the Division's nearly 50 year history. Her father was in Group 6. A four year merit-scholar and recipient of the SAG Foundation John L. Dales Scholarship during her time at Juilliard, Chieffo also received the Elizabeth Smith Voice and Speech Prize and the Saint-Denis Prize for Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in Drama. Read more on iMDB