Netflix Movies Starring Manuel Domenech

When watching Manuel Domenech in his performances, you'll find a careful recipe of quirk, warmth, and family dysfunction. The Las Vegas born actor was raised by a hard rock musician father, and a runaway mother whose free spirit was the catalyst for the most accurate portrayal of a "troubled youth" on film. As a result, His built an impressive film career over the last few years. Staring in several independent films, being dubbed the "King of Indies." He first started making his own short films and movies until emancipating and moving to Los Angeles to push himself even further and test all he learned thus far. After staring in 2011s Turning Point, a coming of age film, which showcased a "raw" performance, he was able to get more work in Independent cinema. In the very near future there are an abundant amount of opportunities ahead of him and with a tenacity and drive that will never diminish, he is on quite a few lists as one to look out for. Read more on iMDB