Netflix Movies Starring Manoj Sood

Manoj Sood, of Indian descent, was born in Mombassa, Kenya and grew up in Western Canada. Manoj entered the entertainment world in 1992 and has been working steadily ever since. Manoj, much to his surprise, landed a supporting role in an American MOW after his very first audition. Up until then, his only acting experience had been from his acting classes. A very nervous Manoj walked onto set on his first day of shooting and when the sound-boom operator said "speed", Manoj thought he was saying "speak" so Manoj jumped right into saying his lines. The director then gave a very nervous Manoj his first on-set note: "Manoj they are saying "speed" not "speak" and you have to wait for the word "action" before you say your lines". Since that day, Manoj has appeared in more than 50 Television and Feature Film productions. Read more on iMDB