Netflix Movies Starring Magy

Derek Magyar graduated from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia, CA in 2003. He had his first role in a film short, Last Stop (2003). Magyar has made appearances in television series such as JAG, Boston Legal, Star Trek: Enterprise, Criminal Minds, Medium, Dirt and The Cape to name a few. He has a role in the pilot spinoff of The Closer, Major Crimes, on TNT, scheduled to air in August 2012 and also has a role in CSI which, is due to air the end of September. His first starring role in film was as the character X in the award-winning film Boy Culture (2006). Derek received several awards for best lead actor at film festivals across the world. Since then he has starred in Lionsgate "Train" opposite Thora Birch. He also had a starring role in Chris Carter's upcoming film "Fencewalkers" with Mehcad Brooks and Katie Cassidy and Natalie Dormer. Read more on iMDB