Netflix Movies Starring Lotte Tarp

Lotte Tarp was born on February 14, 1945 in Århus, Denmark as Ann-Charlotte Tarp. She was an actress and writer. Her mother Åase Gyrithe Tarp (born Rising) was a make-up artist. Her step-father, Svend Erik Tarp, was a stage director and composer. Lotte Tarp's biological father was a German officer, Wolfgang Haug, in German occupied Denmark. Without any acting training Lotte Tarp made her debut at age 16 in the famous Danish feature film "Bocken i paradiset". As an actress she worked both on stage and film. She was often casted as the delicious and voluptuous blonde. She was on Salvador Dali's short-list of inspiring women. Lotte Tarp appeared in 34 feature films and television productions. She gave birth to her son Jacob in her second marriage. Read more on iMDB