Netflix Movies Starring Lil' Zane

Actor/rapper Lil' Zane was named after his dad and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been writing and rhyming since he was 10. When he was 11 he approached Worldwide Entertainment CEO Kevin Wales outside an Atlanta talent show and told him he wanted to be a star. Zane got his big break on 112's "Anywhere" song. He earned props for his writing skills on "Angels With Dirty Faces" for Sean Combs's album. He grew up listening to LL Cool J and Whodini and wants to use his music as a stepping stone to get into other things like acting and hosting a talk show. His LP on Priority Records, "Young World The Future", is in stores. When he was told that he was wanted to do a rap verse on the song "Anywhere" he only had 30 minutes to write his verse, because they booked the studio time until 12 and it was 11:30 when he got there. Read more on iMDB