Netflix Movies Starring Leonid Serebrennikov

'Leonid Serebrennikov' wass born in 1947 and graduated the same actors class with Vladimir Kachan and Leonid Filatov . In 1972 Leonid Serebrennikov was called up to the Northern Navy and there as "an actor" was appointed to lead a chorus and opened his excellent tenor. So after returning to Moscow he didn't play at any theatre and began to sing at concerts accompaning himself at a guitar, at radio and vocal parts in movies, mainly uncredited. After _Melodii odnoj operetty (1978) (TV)_ he was invited to many operetta concerts on TV and seemed to much TV viewers an operetta star - tall, thin, black-moustached, a splendid dancer and a humour actor. In 1990's Leonid Serebrennikov have taken an interest in romances, began to give solo romances concerts with a guitar and have almost disappeared from TV. Read more on iMDB