Netflix Movies Starring Larry Weissman

Larry Weissman was born in Brooklyn NY in 1962. He moved to Staten Island with his parents, Naomi & Joel and his brother Michael in 1968. In late November of 1969, his brother Michael became very sick and passed away; just 4 days after his 5th birthday. Shortly after that his parents separated and he lived with his mother; seeing his father every Sunday and Wednesday. Having a passion for acting Larry did a lot of community theatre and school plays until in July 1977 when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. He resumed high school (bald) in the fall and continued on to Hofstra University where he received a BFA in Theatre. In complete remission he got side-tracked into fast food management until his father made it financially possible for Larry to pursue his dream of acting. He toiled around the NYC Indy theatre scene for 5 years and then after his mother's untimely death from Lung Cancer, went to Los Angeles to get involved in Television and Film. Read more on iMDB