Netflix Movies Starring Labros Konstadaras

Labros Konstadaras (13 March 1913 - 28 June 1985) was one of the greatest actors of Greek theatre and cinema, excellent both in comedy and drama, with ancestry from Istanbul. He was the brother of actress Mitsi Konstadaras and father of former New Democracy MP Dimitris Konstadaras who gave him two grandchildren, Pavlina in 1974 and Labros in 1979. He was born in Kolonaki Athens and died at "Asklepieion" hospital of Voula Athens. Earlier (1978 and 1983) he had suffered two strokes. In 1930 he joined, after his family's insistence and without his own will, the non-commissioned Navy School in Corfu, from where he eventually escaped by swimming. He was spared the Court-martial after his family's actions. In 1934 he went to Paris to study goldsmith, in order to take on the family jewelry shop in downtown Athens. Read more on iMDB