Netflix Movies Starring King Donovan

The name might not be familiar-but the face would be. A thinking man's Don Knotts or his smarter brother - well - that would be over-simplifying King Donovan. He was born to vaudevillian parents who traveled the whole country. He was of medium height, slender build, and narrow-faced (like Knotts), but he could be so much more than a comedian. By the time he was in his teens he had landed a part at the Butler Davenport Theater on 63rd Street in New York City. Benjamin Butler Davenport, the founder, had turned to the theater with socialist ideas. He made his theater a "free" theater-free of charge - always - and attracted the interests of some of the greats from uptown Broadway, such as, George M. Cohan and Katharine Cornell. Donovan cut his teeth there and moved on to other theater, gaining experience and assurance. Read more on iMDB