Netflix Movies Starring Kim Bodnia

Kim Bodnia is an actor who was born in Copenhagen. His ancestry is from Poland and Russia. Kim Bodnia is educated as actor in states of Denmark Copenhagen Theatre school (1988-1991). After a amazing Theatre career as actor and creator of new Danish theatre in Copenhagen, He had His breakthrough as a Movie actor in Nightwatch (1994) for which he received for Best Supporting actor a Robert prize, Danish Film Academy awards and Best actor at the Festival Du Cinema Nordique in Rouen, France. After his breakthrough, he became founder and owner of Bella Entertainment1 Aps and Bella Film Production Aps who have produced his Films since then. In 1996 came Film as Pusher and Kim Bodnia was honoured for his Leads role as Frank. After Pusher he became a Director and Writer and producer of soundtrack. Then followed Films as Bleeder (1999), In China They Eat Dogs (1999), Escape (2001), Dragonfly (2001), Jolly Roger (2001), Old Men in New Cars (2002), Himmelfald (2002), and this was only the beginning of his career as actor, producer, writer, director. Read more on iMDB