Netflix Movies Starring Ken Quinn

Stuntman / Stunt Coordinator Ken Quinn has been key in the success of many television shows and feature films for over 30 years. As a stunt performer Ken has impressively crashed, flipped and chased cars, fought in fist and gun fights, fallen from buildings, tumbled down stairs, dangled from helicopters, been blown up and set on fire. Having endured injury while performing harrowing stunts, has enabled Ken to utilize his own experiences to safely and successfully choreograph stunts; plan and create believable dynamic and innovative action sequences, making him one of the best Stunt Coordinators in the business today. Ken is highly respected in the stunt industry as a talented Stunt Coordinator, Stuntman (Stunt Performer), Stunt Double, Stunt Actor, and 2nd Unit Director. Ken is known for... Television: 'Hannibal (TV series)' as Stunt Coordinator, 'Covert Affairs' (TV Series) as Stunt Coordinator, 'Due South' (TV Series) as Stunt Double and Stunt Coordinator, 'RoboCop: The Series' as RoboCop Stunt Double and Stunt Coordinator. Read more on iMDB