Netflix Movies Starring Kathy Lester

Kathy Lester is very well-known in the Phantasm world due to her erotic performance as "The Lady in Lavender", The Tall Man's female alter ego in Phantasm (1979). She portrayed a very mysterious femme-fatale, who could be as seductive as dangerous, becoming a favorite of many fans. Fifteen years later, she returned to the Phantasm universe in Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994), making a cameo appearance as a sexy nurse during the opening sequence. Apart from her occasional film work, Ms. Lester has acted in a great variety of commercials and theatre productions throughout her career. Most recently Kat has focused her many talents to the music area, writing and recording a well-received CD. She has performed live in numerous major venues with her band, including an appearance at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Read more on iMDB