Netflix Movies Starring Joe Sabatino

Born and raised in Commack, a suburb of NYC, Joe Sabatino grew up the youngest of 3 children; who were ruled by a strong and funny Italian mother whose word was law and carried absolute power. Enjoying a wonderful and exciting childhood, Joe attained both his mother and fathers' great sense of humor and optimistic "glass is half full" view on life. After graduating High School, Joe attended James Madison University "JMU", in Harrisonburg Virginia, where he played football for the "JMU" Dukes. Looking to expand his interests, Joe studied the diverse disciplines of show business when he enrolled in theatre, film and television courses. After graduating from James Madison he was scouted by various NFL teams, namely the NY Jets, Washington Redskins and the Houston Oilers. Looking once again to expand his options, Joe looked overseas and was successfully recruited to play professional football for the Torino Jaguars of Turin, Italy. Read more on iMDB