Netflix Movies Starring Jimmie Dundee

Beefy, lantern-jawed Hollywood bit part actor and stuntman who had been a professional boxer in the early 1920's. Dundee was an expert in automobile and motorcycle crashes, high falls and work with explosives. He led a crack team of stuntmen at Paramount, collectively known as the 'Suicide Squad'. Reputedly fearless, Dundee would overturn a car at 60 miles per hour merely to see if it could be done. Arguably Hollywood's most prolific stunt performer of the period, this guy lived a surprisingly charmed life: whether blown up in a truck (Wake Island (1942)), tumbling from a great height (The Glass Key (1942)) or exiting the flaming wreckage of a burning motor, he invariably walked away without a scratch. Dundee's lucky charm became a white piece of marble chipped off the Lincoln Memorial while overturning a taxi cab in My Son John (1952). Read more on iMDB