Netflix Movies Starring Jihae

Jihae guest stars in the highly anticipated Season 3 of Succession in the recurring role of top PR boss, Berry Schneider. Born in Seoul, Korea to a colonel/diplomat/Presbyterian pastor father and a piano teacher/chef/opera trained singer mother, Jihae grew up in Korea, Nigeria, Sweden, and the U.S. attending ten schools in 3 different languages by the time she became a teenager. Her debut acting roles in Natgeo/Imagine Entertainment's 'Mars' miniseries as identical twins followed a starring role of a fierce warrior leader Anna Fang in 'Mortal Engines'. Rolling Stone declares, "Jihae has an illegal amount of screen presence." Peter Jackson tells Pop Inquirer, "Jihae has an elegance and a power, she's a fantastic actor." Philip Reeve, the author of Mortal Engines published a new book of short stories, 'Night Flights' dedicated to Jihae because he felt she played Anna Fang with such style and grace, she deserved more stories. Read more on iMDB