Netflix Movies Starring Jeffrey Weissman

Jeffrey Weissman has been performing as an actor since taking to the stage in 1972. He started in film in 1977, Jeffrey has co-starred in dozens of film and television productions. He had been screen testing for leads in various films during the early 1980's, and landed his first co-star role in 1982 in George Miller's "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet" episode of Twilight Zone the Movie. Jeffrey is best known for playing Teddy Conway in Clint Eastwood's Pale Rider (1985) and taking over the George McFly role in the "Back to the Future" sequels. His recent working indie films have garnered him raves from his comedic turn in "corked!" as an ocd wine maker, and his dramatic work in several features. Jeffrey guest starred on many television shows, such as Scarecrow and Mrs King, Max Headroom, Dallas, Wallace and Ladmo, Saved By The Bell, Diagnosis Murder (1993) and the Man Show. Read more on iMDB