Netflix Movies Starring Janene Carleton

Janene is the youngest of 3 children, born and raised in Kelowna, Canada. Growing up she was always a well-rounded athlete having participated in a wide range of sports & dance. But her main focus was competitive horseback riding where she competed at a national level in show jumping and three day eventing. Janene shifted her focus from the competitive horse circuit to attend college in Victoria BC, where she studied Biology and English. She also became a personal trainer, fitness model and began to dabble in mixed martial arts. However, it was through Janene's experience with training animals and horses that helped her transition into her career as a stunt woman by 2005. Her first jobs in the industry included helping train movie horses, giving actors riding lessons, and eventually doubling actors for their horse work. It didn't take long for the rest of her experience as a well-rounded athlete to launch her into her full-fledged career as a well-rounded stunt woman. Read more on iMDB