Netflix Movies Starring James Carroll

James Jordan was born in Japan, but raised in England. He is a very versatile London-based North American voice over artist with gravitas and brio, with a range from New York Mobster, California cool to Texas cowboy. He is also a highly successful narrator of many documentaries for the History and Discovery Channel. His work includes "The Bader Meinhoff Gang" and "The Flying Guru". Jordan is famous for his leading role in "Rich Man Poor Man Book 2" . His acting includes theatrical films and television programs in North America, he has now forged a full and engaging career in the United Kingdom with leading roles in Taggart, Lovejoy, Ellington and many more. He is also an accomplished West End Leading Actor and singer with his own one man show "Mark Twain On Womankind" which he has played all over the world, from Bombay to California to rave reviews and packed houses. Read more on iMDB