Netflix Movies Starring Hope Diaz

Esperanza Diaz was born in her hometown of Guadalajara Mexico. Her interest in acting started at an early age during elementary school when she began taking theater classes. Continuing in the theater she also pursued a career as an accountant by graduating from a Jesuit University. There she made many interesting life long friends. Her career started as a model for a major department store. She also worked in many fashion shows, modeled for print work, magazines and appearing in numerous commercials. For five years she was the spokes person for a major chain of Mexican Supermarkets. During this time she continued to study her first love of the art of acting . She made her Television acting debut in soap operas. Playing the role of Olivia in the popular show " Zip Code ". Then in "The Ugliest Prettiest Girl" in 2006. Next she made the transition to acting in several TV series such as "Capadocia", "Simulators", and" The Panther". Read more on iMDB