Netflix Movies Starring Grifon Aldren

Grifon Aldren is an artist skilled in acting, composing, screen writing and various production capabilities. With credits ranging from several national commercials to network drama, comedy, as well as big budget action films and moderately financed independent film, Grifon is quickly climbing the ladder of industry success with his deep integration into each character he portrays. He has been directed by recognizable names such as Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Lorre, Anthony Anderson, Kerry Prior, Claudio Faeh, The Wayans Bros, Jim Burrows, Allan Arkush, Steven Depaul, Jon Gunn, Michael Soloman and many more, having been employed by major studios such as NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. With a multitude of potential this rising star is becoming a name producers are enthusiastic to be associated with. His last theatrical release "Do You Believe?" is widely considered the best faith-based based film to date. Read more on iMDB