Netflix Movies Starring Geoff Ward

This south Florida Native started out as a Natural Bodybuilder and had success in the Fitness Magazines and Sport Supplements Industry. Geoff, always knew wanted to be a Great Actor and do so much more. In 2002 while working as a Personal Trainer in FL, Geoff met his first former manager Charles. Charles convinced him that you can achieve anything you wish for with Belief, Focus and Determination. From that point on Geoff, began hopping up on stage at open mic nights in comedy clubs, acting as a leading man in student and independent films, learning stunts and Martial Arts, taking acting classes and booking tons of featured parts in all the commercials, infomercials, music videos and feature films that Florida had to offer. Eventually the time came to begin striving for more. In the past few years Geoff has begun traveling back and forth from Los Angeles and Miami working both markets. Read more on iMDB