Netflix Movies Starring Gaylen Ross

Gaylen Ross was born as Gail Rosenblum in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was managing editor of the poetry journal, "Antaeus" and Ecco Press from 1975 to 1977. Ross was an actress for brief 4 years only, making an impressive film debut as the heroine "Francine" in George Romero's outstanding Dawn of the Dead (1978), followed by her portrayal of Leslie Nielsen's adulterous wife "Becky Vickers" in the George Romero and Stephen King's "Something to Tide You Over" segment of the hugely enjoyable horror anthology,Creepshow (1982). For the past two decades Gaylen has been a documentary filmmaker making acclaimed and award-winning documentaries that have been broadcast on PBS, BBC, A&E Television, The Learning Channel, UK's Channel 4, and Israeli networks. Her films have premiered at many international film festivals among them Berlin Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, Haifa Film Festival, Nyon Documentary Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, The Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, and Margaret Mead Film Festival among others. Read more on iMDB