Netflix Movies Starring Frank Hvam

Frank Hvam grew up with dogs and ducks on a farm in Ørum Sønderlyng - 14 kilometers off Viborg in Jutland, Denmark. He helped his father take care of the dogs in the family hobby kennels. Spending his childhood as a young 'Dr. Doolittle' led him to the idea, that he would make a good veterinary. So in 1992 he attended the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen. Here he met famed Danish stand-up comedian Jan Gintberg, who studied agriculture. After two years studying, he decided to leave the cows and go for comedy. He had his debut as a stand-up comedian at legendary comedy club 'Din's' in 1995. His shows led to a job as writer on the Mette Lisby show 'Ugen der gak' (Danish TV2). Soon he got his own show Alt under kontrol (TV3). Read more on iMDB