Netflix Movies Starring Fernando Ramallo

Fernando Ramallo was born in Madrid on the 3rd of April, 1980. He had a normal life like any other boy of his age until one day some casting agents went to his college looking for a boy who would star in a movie. That movie was The Good Life (1996), directed by David Trueba. This was the start of his career, at 15. After that he had another chance in Backroads (1997), one of his best performances, winning this time a Goya (Spanish academy award) nomination for Best New Actor. He didn't win but he continued working. A short appearance in The Ugliest Woman in the World (1999) was his next role, followed by an incredible ignored leading performance in the fantasy film Heart of the Warrior (1999), the debut of director 'Daniel Monzon'. In the year 2000, the film Nico and Dani (2000) gave him the opportunity of performing a different role, about what happens in a teenager's mind when he falls in love with his best friend. Read more on iMDB