Netflix Movies Starring Eugenia Yuan

A Hong Kong Oscar winner and daughter of martial arts legend 'Pei-pei Cheng', Eugenia Yuan started out her career not as an actress, but as a champion rhythmic gymnast for the U.S. Olympic Team. Eventually, career switching from an athlete to on-screen ingénue, Eugenia made her screen debut co-starring with her mother in the martial arts picture _Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger (2002). She caught the eye of movie executives on both sides of world who offered to groom to take inherit her mother's kung fu crown. Eugenia opted instead to co-star in the dark, low-budget feature Charlotte Sometimes which garnered an honor at the Independent Spirit Awards and was publicly championed by national film critic Roger Ebert and featured in his own film festival. Eugenia returned to Hong Kong to star in the feature collection of three dramatic shorts by heavy weight local directors entitled Three. Read more on iMDB