Netflix Movies Starring Enid Raye Adams

Enid-Raye Adams was born in 1973 in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Since then, no one has ever pronounced her name correctly. Kids at school called her Igor and Enid The Peenid. (Those kids were ill-mannered and had gastric intestinal problems.) After two perms in a row in junior high, Enid-Raye bore a striking resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite (2004) from the major motion picture of the same name. Years later, Enid-Raye began her career in theater, performing in some of Shakespeare's classics. In 1993, she made her film debut as a feature extra in the Canadian independent For the Moment (1993) opposite Russell Crowe. Her only requirement in the film was to tap Russell Crowe's shoulder in a party scene and smile at him. This was meant to launch her career in film and television and cement her as a leading lady in the minds of directors and studio executives everywhere. Read more on iMDB