Netflix Movies Starring Earle Foxe

Earle Foxe was born to Charles Aldrich Fox, originally of Flint, Michigan. His half sister was Ethel May Fox, born to Charles Aldrich Fox and Katie Eldridge. Ethel was a music teacher and quite active in musical productions in Detroit, Michigan. Earle was always very private about his own early history; he claimed that Ohio was his early home. He went to New York as a young man and became a successful stage star. He moved to California later and was under contract at Fox Studios (no relation). He married Gladys Borum in 1923 and later legally adopted Chester E. Foxe. He lived at "The Lambs" in the early 1920's, in New York - 130 West 44th Street. He moved to CA in 1922. He founded Black Foxe School, a military school for boys, in about 1943. He was cremated. He is mentioned in Lewis Jacobs' "The Rise of the American Film", p. Read more on iMDB