Netflix Movies Starring Demetress Long

Demetress Long, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, graduated from Spring Valley High School, then went on to earn her Speech Pathology bachelors degree from Tennessee State University (TSU), where she minored in theatre arts training. She quickly took to regional stages after being inspired by the artistic director of the university, Barry Scott. TSU is also the alma mater to the extraordinary Oprah Winfrey. From 2000-2006 Long sharpened her acting skills, portraying different characters in top-grossing touring plays, to sold-out houses of more than 3000 seats. Her breakout role was in "A Mother's Prayer", where she and 'Raven Sy'mone' (The Cosby Show (1984), That's So Raven (2003)), portrayed a mother daughter-duo in a drama-comedy. You may find sterling reviews for Long featured in "USA Today" and "Variety Magazine" for her portrayal of Mona Taylor in the 22-city production of "Love Makes Things Happen. Read more on iMDB