Netflix Movies Starring Deirdre V. Lyons

Showing an aptitude for performance at the age of three, Deirdre Lyons began her training and onstage career in the Pacific Northwest. She has developed and re-invented a wide variety of characters in her life-long calling, moving effortlessly from new works, to the classics. She is most known for her flexibility as an actress, depicting such contrasting characters as the tough as nails prostitute, a sex siren, the nerdy roommate and the grungy street person. A diverse education reflects Deirdre's unique flexibility. Her theatrical training from The New York Shakespeare Theatre Conservatory and The Northwest school of the Arts and Humanities combined with her coaching from producer/directors John Jacobsen, Barry Callier and Los Angeles actor Richard Brestoff author of "The Camera Smart Actor," provides her with a solid foundation from which to build her craft. In Los Angeles, she spent many years studying with amazing artists, including H. Read more on iMDB